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Pack 536,

A great turnout for the Westminster Stocking Stuffer project for the troops! Our charter church was very appreciative and I had many people come up to me and say, “It is so nice to see the Scouts.”

Pack 536 Dates to Remember

  • Monday November 19th, NO FORMAL SCOUTS. School is in session but we will not have an organized den meeting at the church. ┬áIF YOUR DEN HAS SOMETHING PLANNED, THAT WILL REMAIN IN EFFECT.
  • Saturday December 1st, Scouting For Food, Hang door hangers.
  • Saturday December 8th, Scouting For Food, Collection.
  • 2013 Dues for all scouts and adult leaders are due, please see our Treasurer Deanna Pearson or myself. Deanna is requesting dues before December 1. Our last day to collect will be December 3. Scout Council recharter is due December 6th and our 2013 roster will be set for the next calendar year. Please, please, if you have any reason that you cannot make this obligation, contact Deanna or myself as soon as possible. We will make arrangements.

Upcoming Pack Projects

Looking for those Dads (or Moms) that would like to help with:

  • Pack asset storage locker to be located in the basement mechanical room. (I have a couple of takers already and we will plan to work on this project after Scouting for Food)
  • Pack utility trailer, used for Pack camping, service projects and gear hauling. (This is a back burner project at the moment, I am waiting on tags. I would like to see any and all interested, need some ideas about how to outfit the trailer for the Pack Camping trip this spring.)

Drop me an email if you are interested, I’ll keep you posted on these and their progress and when we need some help.

Looking Forward

The end of the year is coming to a close and our spring calendar has a number of activities that require parent assistance and involvement.

  • Scout overnight lock-in at the Church
  • Blue and Gold Banquet
  • Pinewood Derby car races
  • Pack Family camping weekend
  • Year end Pack Family picnic bash at the park

Even though this is November and we are near Thanksgiving, I am always thankful for all you parents and leaders for helping make Pack 536 a great program for our kids!


Have a good week and a great Thanksgiving,

Brian Spallholz
Behalf of Pack 536