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T-Minus ONE Week……..

By February 13, 2015General

Gooooood Morning RACERS!

With one week left until Pinewood Derby, now is the time to start making those final adjustments.  Now if you did not make the very successful “Down and Derby” at the end of last month and you need some help, have no fear!  As I have done in the past….I’ll open my shop up on this Sunday Afternoon from Noon to 3 and help anyone that might need some assistance.  (I haven’t built my car either).  Please RSVP if you need help to BSpallholz@gmail.com DO NOT REPLY to the pack email as it is not monitored on a regular basis.  You will need to bring your own car kit, I can provide tools.  I do not have any extra cars on hand.


Mr. Hoggard and Mr. Young will have their hands full this coming week so please if you can help set up the gymnasium next Friday night please let them know.


Mrs. Young has put out the call for help with concessions (see her email form earlier in the week).   For you track fans, SKIP BREAKFAST on Saturday, bring your car to “Weight In” and have breakfast TRACKSIDE.  Any money collected that exceeds our expenses goes right back into the pack treasury and helps pay for events just like this.


*******VERY IMPORTANT…….Patience and get here ON TIME.

Every single car must be weighed and checked in prior to the race.  If you need to add weight we will have limited ability to help.  NO CAR may weight OVER 5oz.  You will be required to “shave” some weight prior to racing.  Your will have to make the adjustment and get back in line to check in your car.******

You will not be allowed to make any additional adjustments after the car has been checked in.  The car will be placed in a holding area and will be raced when your track time comes up and that is determined by the computer at random.

NOW is the time to look up all those rules, tips and tricks on our resources section of our web site.


With over 100+ racers last year and a track speed record set by a TIGER, yes a tiger cub, I hope I speak for all the gentlemen helping with this event…..I can’t wait to see this years’ race!




Good Luck,

Brian Spallholz
On behalf of Pack 536

Cub Scout Pack 536
Lubbock, TX