Pack 536 Website Policies

In the course of developing and maintaining this website, the leadership of Pack 536 have determined to have a core set of criteria or values by which the site is operated.

These policies are enacted for the purpose of maintaining a high level of functionality and usability for the site while at the same time adhering to strict standards of safety, transparency and accountability.

Our website and its content is monitored by multiple leaders within Pack 536.  Additionally, we welcome any and all site visitors to inform us if any aspect of the site needs attention or fails to fulfill the following policies:

Pack 536 Website Policies

Revised February 13, 2013

General Website Policies

  • Only the Committee Chair, Cubmaster, or other registered adult leaders authorized by the Committee Chair or Cubmaster will be able to add or approve content on the site.
  • No private chat, bulletin board, messaging, or similar private interpersonal communication means will be provided or utilized within the site.
  • The site will only be used for matters related to scouting and Pack 536.

Photographs, Videos, and Other Media

  • No photos, videos, or other media on the site will be captioned or otherwise described with scouts’ last names.


  • No contact information or last names of scouts will be published on the site.
  • Parents or adult leaders must consent for any of their contact information to be published.

Policy Revisions

Pack 536 leadership will continue to examine and revise these policies as needed.

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