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Good Morning Pack 536,

Several Thoughts.

As this calendar year comes to an end and we close in on Christmas, let’s all share with our kids the meaning of this holiday and what it means when a “Cub Scout Gives Goodwill.”

In the past few months our families have helped children locally with the “Toys for Tots” drive, which happened in conjunction with our own Christmas party.

We helped warm the hearts of our Service men and women on the other side of the World with the Westminster Stocking Stuff project.

We collected Food for the South Plains Food Bank to nourish the less fortunate here in West Texas.

In addition, Pack 536 also takes care of its own. In the past few years our committee has looked at our own boys and their families and extended a helping hand when and where it was needed.

Our Scouts are learning what it means to be an active member of our community. They may not get the public recognition that some do, but these activities are not about getting your name in the paper or on TV. It’s about doing the right thing.

I am very proud of your kids and mine. Let’s all make sure that they know how proud we are of them.

The web links at the end are just an FYI. I saw this yesterday and thought I would pass it on.

This story began as an idea a few years ago by a reporter in the North East. It stirred feelings and thoughts in an Assistant Cubmaster in Alabama and it became a Pack Service Project. Over the past weekend, Pack 3415 consisting of 14 cubs presented a gift of over $18,000 to a charity that provides school room desks to children in impoverished Malawi. In the three years of this charity’s existence, this is the single largest donation to date. Way to Go Pack 3415!

Now the reason I am writing this to you:

Folks this is your pack. If you would like for your sons and daughters (remember this is a family affair) to continue to be actively engaged in what it really means to be a part of a community, (and we don’t need to limit it to just Lubbock, but being part of a global community) it is up to you, the parents, to teach your children and have them think of a bigger picture. You and your son joined scouts for some reason. It is up to YOU to help make the pack GO! The boys in the story are doing what the pack was designed to do:

The Pack helps the scout Grow.
The Scout helps the Pack GO!

And Remember, Cub Scouts is Fun with a Purpose! Fun with the Family! Preparing our young boys for Boy Scouts, Our leaders of Tomorrow!

Next Monday is our last den meeting and is also the last committee meeting for this calendar year. The pack committee is where you parents make decisions on what this pack does.

On Monday December 16th, 2013, at our committee meeting, I will submit my resignation as Cubmaster effective December 1, 2014.

It will be up to the pack committee to select a new Cubmaster going forward. My suggestion to the committee will be to select someone in the Tiger or Wolf dens. Perhaps a couple of adults would be good. Get them trained with all aspects to Cubscouts and work with me for the next year. These dens are the long term future of Pack 536, and in a couple of years you new parents will pass the torch again and again and again. This is how it works, but it is up to YOU to step up and soon!

Our pack has grown not only in numbers over the last few years but has grown in spirit. You are a great group of parents! Keep up the good work and when you have a chance, thank your Den Leaders. They are the ones that do the hard work and are the ones that interact with your kids on a regular basis. Thank the committee members too, without the nuts and bolts of this pack we would not be where we are today.

Thanks for your time, thanks for bringing your kids to scouts and have a very Blessed Christmas! And remember, we have a Great New Year just around the corner with some big and fun activities for all the boys! Check the pack calendar.


Kind Regards,

Brian Spallholz
On behalf of Pack 536