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Christmas Stocking Stuffer Project This Saturday!

Saturday is the Stocking Stuffing Project with Westminster.  Each year Westminster stuffs about 3000 stockings that are then sent to our soldiers that are not going to be coming home for the holidays.  This is an amazing service project to be able to participate in and the whole family can do it!

Saturday in the Family Life Center at Westminster, starting at 9am, we will help to stuff those 3000 stockings!  This is an excellent chance for us to give back in just a small way, not just to the soldiers but also to Westminster, our charter organization.

Monday night I had a chance to visit with the lady that coordinates this effort (while she was shopping in our excess popcorn pile).  She was so impressed with our boys last year and so grateful for their kind and generous spirits.

We have about double the people in our pack this year, so let’s double our participation in this event!  And please spread that word to all your family and friends, they will all be blessed for it.   I asked if they need anything and she told me that they can always use more candy (no gum or jolly ranchers,they have tons of that).

If you plan on participating then show up at 9am in class A uniforms, looking sharp.  If you would like to donate candy but can not participate then please feel free to bring it to my house and we will get it to them.

Growing up, my father was in the military and missed many Christmases with us, I can assure you that efforts like this do make a very big impact on those who are away from their families.

I look forward to seeing you all there!