Pack 536 is proud to have many committed volunteer adult leaders and Akelas participating in pack leadership positions. We are always looking for leaders to participating in any capacity with the pack.

2021-2022 Pack Leadership

Pack Leadership

  • Cubmaster: Michael Jordan
  • Assistant Cubmaster: Sunil Sathees, Nathan Timmons
  • Chartered Organization Representative: Chad Bremer

Committee Positions 

  • Committee Chair: Stephanie White
  • Secretary: Hilary Lemons
  • Treasurer: Ashley Salazar
  • Advancement chair: Laura Anderson
  • Advancement Assistant: Stephanie White
  • Popcorn Kernel: Stephanie White
  • New Member Coordinator: David Glasheen
  • Registration/Recharter Chair: –David Glasheen
  • Outdoor Activity Chair: Laura Anderson
  • Scouting for Food Rep: Laura Anderson

Den Leaders 

  • Arrow of Light: Ashley Salazar
  • Webelos: Nathan Timmons/Tim White and Lee Schrader
  • Bears: Laura Anderson
  • Wolves: Sharday Hemphill, Michael Jordan
  • Tigers: Sunil Sathees and Mary Glasheen
  • Lions: Jennifer Emmerson